PART OF NATURE (2010-2011)

Korean Concerto Grosso for 11 Soloists and Korean Orchestra

Premiere: October 6th and 7th 2011

National Theater of Korea

Conductor: Jeong Chi-Yong

Artistic Director: Hwang Byungki

„Naturally Part Of Nature

I am not usually a fan of orchestra of traditional instruments in any country. Fashioned after Western symphonic orchestral model, these orchestras are comprised of traditional instruments best heard either solo or in small ensemble form, which in my opinion sound awkward in a large orchestral setting. However, Chung Il-ryun’s Korean Concerto Grosso “Part of Nature” has changed my mind. Presented at the National Theatre of Korea on October 6th, 2011 by the National Orchestra of Korea and conducted by Hwang Byungki, this highly successful piece used the strengths of traditional instruments while minimized the weakness of their use in an orchestra. The composer mined the unique colours and textures that are only available in this kind of ensemble, blending them with finesse into a powerful musical journey that wholly engaged the senses.

All thematically driven, the work was presented in six parts with an introduction for orchestra (Birth of Tones) then four individual concerti for wind (Breath), plucked strings (Hands), bowed strings (Heart), and percussion (Spirit) respectively, plus a short section for singer and percussion (Name). Although all were a voyage of discovery, the double concerto Breath for daegum, piri and orchestra was my favourite, displaying a complex range of sonic textures and a delicacy impossible in any other musical medium. Chung’s ability to retain the essence of traditional Korean instruments while moving them well into the 21st century is inspiring, and I look forward to hearing more of this gifted composer.“

(Randy Raine-Reusch,

Artistic Director of the Rainforest World Music Festival and the Miri Jazz Festival)

„...The movement called 'Breath' appropriately featured soloists on wind instruments, the daegum flute and piri oboe, while 'Hands' was a fast, rhythmic and virtuosic movement for gayagum and geomungo zithers. 'Heart' drew on the more emotional sounds of the bowed haegum and ajeng that had a stark, sinewy beauty with a spare orchestration and airy textures.(...) The finale was a chance for Korea's spectacular percussion instruments to shine in a pulse-raising conclusion.(...)

Chung sensibly avoided introducing Western harmony which is so often a drawback in many Koreanfusion projects and he understands the sound world and character of the instruments. It was a piece of colours and textures, not melodies.(...) The piece was full of new sounds and textures that were, striking, beautiful and distinctly Korean.“

(Simon Broughton, editor in chief of „Rough Guide to World Music“)

PART OF NATURE (2010/11)

für 11 Solisten und koreanisches Orchester; 80‘

Auftragswerk des National Theater of Korea

Künstlerischer Leiter: Hwang Byung-Ki

Chul - Birth of Tones

Introduction for Orchestra

Soom - Breath

Double Concerto for Daegŭm, Piri and Orchestra

Kim Jung-Seung, Daegŭm -  Park Chi-Hwan, Piri

Son - Hands

Double Concerto für Gayagŭm, Gômungo und Orchester

Yi Jiyoung, Gayagŭm - Heo Yoon-Jeong, Gômungo

Shim - Heart

Double Concerto für Haegŭm, Ajaeng und Orchester

Kang Eun-Il, Haegŭm - Lee Mun-Soo, Ajaeng

Irŭm - Name

für Pansori und koreanische Perkussion

Wang Ki-Suk, Pansori

Hon - Spirit

Concerto for Kwenggari, Changgu, Buk , Ching and Orchestra;

Seo Su-Bok, Kwenggari - Min Young-Chi, Changgu - Kim Woong-Sik, Buk/Bara - Hwang Keun-Ha, Ching/Kwenggari

Musikalische Leitung: Jeong Chi-Yong

The National Orchestra of KOREA

Konzertmitschnitt der Uraufführung am 6. und 7. Oktober 2011

National Theater of Korea



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