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Guitar solo

Representing the inner center of Il-Ryun Chung's musical world, it has always been the guitar from which everything starts. The sophisticated, sometimes unique playing techniques were developed and tested over a long period of time and translated for other instruments.
Microtonal concepts were first developed and tested for their effect, polyrhythmic structures were invented in the limited framework of the guitar, and then transferred to a large ensemble all the way to the orchestra.
The two work series "Studies of Extended Paying Techniques for Guitar" and "The Untempered Guitar" thus represent the heart of all creation.
Later, the drum Janggu joined as another crucial instrument to the core of his music.
The solo playing of the guitar is like a retreat, in which develops a very own musical language without disturbing influences.

Actual Recital:

The World-Guitar
A selection from the two work series "Studies of Extended Playing Techniques for Guitar", "The Untempered Guitar" and the new work "Curved Melodies".
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AsianArt Ensemble

Artistic director, Janggu player and conductor of the ensemble. The ensemble, which is unique in the world, has a firm place in the musical life of Berlin and in 2012 received the prize for record criticism for its first CD. The multinational formation of meanwhile 10 musicians from China, Japan, Korea, USA and Germany is increasingly implementing more nationwide and international projects, among them the "China Con Tempo 2018" composition competition in cooperation with the Beijing Central Conservatory or the university cooperations with composting classes - most recently with the Hochschlue fuer Musik Hannover - for the initiation of new works in the youngest generation of composers.

More infos on the website of the ensemble:
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Duo Momentum

From contemplative calm to gently grooving rhythms to ecstatic eruptions of sound, the scale of the Duo Momentum's music ranges.
YOO Hong and CHUNG Il-Ryun are multi-instrumentalists, each playing a variety of Korean percussion instruments alongside their main instruments Daegeum and Guitar. Their music moves between the poles of original Korean music and improvisation to composed contemporary music of the world - a new direction beyond the known paths of world music or classical new music.

More information on the facebook page of the duo: