Worklist: orchestral works • concerto • large ensemble

for sound
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Dedicated to Hwang Byungki
Between Heaven and Earth (3.2019)
for Gugak Orchestra and Organ
Commissioned by the National Orchestra of Korea

MUN (3.2017)
for Gugak Orchestra; 15'
Commissioned by the Busan National Gugak Center

Centre (2.2016)
for Gugak Orchestra; 20'
Commissioned by the National Orchestra of Korea

Heaven - (Cheon) (2.2015)
for Gugak Orchestra; 15'
Commissioned by the National Orchestra of Korea


Son - Hands (3.2010/2016)
Double Concerto for Gayageum, Geomungo and western Orchestra
Version for western Orchestra commissioned by the City of Kim-Hae

PART OF NATURE (2010/11)
for 11 Solists and Gugak Orchestra; 80‘
Commissioned by the National Orchestra of Korea
Artistic director: Hwang Byung-Ki

Chul - Birth of Tones
Introduction for Orchestra

Soom - Breath
Double Concerto for Daegeum, Piri and Orchestra
Kim Jung-Seung, Daegeum - Park Chi-Hwan, Piri

Son - Hands
Double Concerto für Gayageum, Geomungo und Orchester
Yi Jiyoung, Gayageum - Heo Yoon-Jeong, Geomungo

Shim - Heart
Double Concerto für Haegŭm, Ajaeng und Orchester
Kang Eun-Il, Haegeum - Lee Mun-Soo, Ajaeng

Ireum - Name
für Pansori und koreanische Perkussion
Wang Ki-Suk, Pansori

Hon - Spirit (revised 2013)
Concerto for Kwenggari, Janggu, Buk , Jing and Orchestra;
Park Chen-Ji, Kwenggari - Min Young-Chi, Janggu - Kim Woong-Sik, Buk/Bara - Yeon Jae-Ho, Jing/Kwenggari

Conductor Jeong Chi-Yong, Won Il ("Hon")
The National Orchestra of Korea
Live-recording of the premiere on the 6. and 7. of October 2011, October 17, 2013 (Hon)
National Theater of Korea, Haeorum Hall

BENU (1.2009)
Concerto for marimba, vibraphon and large ensemble; 17-18‘
Commissioned by the Tokyo Summer Festival

Kuniko Kato, marimba; Noriko Miyamato, vibraphon; Ensemble Nomad
Conductor: Yoichi Sugiyama
Live-recording of the premiere in the Suntory Hall Tokyo
Tokyo Summer Festival 2009

GLUT (2.2008)
Concerto for marimba, vibraphon, xylophon and large ensemble; 13‘
Commissioned by thr Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra

Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor.: Stefan Asbury
Live-recording of the premiere June 16, 2008 in Seoul

Double Concerto for Sheng, Bassoon and Ensemble (2005)
for fl, ob, cla, trp, tromb, euphonium, 2 vl, vla, vc, db; 18‘
Commissioned by the Crosssound Music Festivals

MEG (2001)
Spirit of Earth
Concerto for SamulNori and Orchestra; 47‘

(sound files are sampled demo versions)


Part I

Part II

Part III - Cadenza I

Part IV - Cadenza II

Cadenza III

Part V (Finale)


SKALA (4.2017)
for daegeum, bass koto, gayageum (25-string), tanbur, chang, 2 vl, 2 vla, 2 vc, 2 db, Janggu and percussion; 13'
Commissioned by the TURBULENZEN for EAPOS - EurAsian Pool Of Sound

EAPOS - EurAsian Pool Of Sound
December 20, 2017 - Festival TURBULENZEN
Radialsystem V, Berlin

SHIM (2011/2.2017)
for haegeum, ajaeng, daegeum, sheng, gayageum, vi, vla, vc, db and janggu/jing; 13'

AsianArt Ensemble
July 19, 2017 - Gegenuebergestellte Zeit I - Gestrichene Seide
St. Elisabeth-Kirche, Berlin

GRAVITY (3.2012)
for daegeum, sheng, bass koto,vl, vla, vc, db, janggu and perkussion (2); 14‘
Commissioned by the ernst von siemens musikstiftung for the festival SOUNDSCAPE EAST ASIA

AsianArt Ensemble
December 8, 2017 - Festival TURBULENZEN
Radialsystem V, Berlin

Scattered Melodies (2006)
for fl, ob, cla, mandoline, guit, harp, pf, vl, vla, vc, db and percussion; 13‘
Commissioned by Unsuk Chin for the Nieuw Ensemble

shinaui III (2005/2008)
Version for daegeum, piri, saenghwang, clarinet/bass clarinet, vc, db, janggu/jing and percussion; 12‘

Contemporary Music Ensemble Korea
Live-recording of the premiere, December 14, .2009, LG Arts Center

shinaui III (2005)
for daegeum, clarinet/bass clarinet, vla, vc, db, janggu/jing and percussion; 12‘
Commissioned by the Korea Foundation for the Asian-Pacific-Weeks 2005

Kammerensemble Neue Musik and Contemporary Music Ensemble Korea
Conductor.: Roland Kluttig
Live-recording of the premiere, Sptember 24, 2005 in the Konzerthaus Berlin

Schimmer (2002)
Notturno for 12 Instruments
fl, cla, alto-sax, acc, e-guit, harp, pf, perc, 2 vl, 2 vc)