The musical world of the composer and performer


In search for music
that captivates you and makes distracting thoughts impossible -
touches and raises you like in a maelstrom - leads us into a new world
and let feel our world changed after the sound dies away


▶︎ "Binary Grooves" (new work) for Marimba solo for Kuniko Kato
Premiere during the festivities for the Tokyo Olympics 2021
▶︎ Concerto für Sheng und Gugak-Orchester
Wu Wei and Shinawi Orchestra
Premiere fall 2021
Concerto für Daegeum and large ensemble (Korean and western instruments)
Music Theater Project "Die Nachtfahrt"
After the successful premiere of the preliminary study on October 8, 2020 in the Konzerthaus Berlin with the writer of the text Cécile Gall, soprano Hanna Herfurtner and the AsianArt Ensemble: Extended, full length version

Composition training as a universal musician
In the Germany-wide unique degree program in composition at the Akademie für Tonkunst in Darmstadt, where students can try out, rehearse and hear their emerging work weekly, the composers-to-be learn to compose music in the midst of an almost lifelike musical environment.

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Akademie fuer Tonkunst