The musical world of the composer and performer


In search for music
that captivates you and makes distracting thoughts impossible -
touches and raises you like in a maelstrom - leads us into a new world
and let feel our world changed after the sound dies away


▶︎ New work for deageum and guitar
2018 is the year of the guitar: Since beginning of the year the intense re-involvement with guitar results the long overdue piece for daegeum and guitar for the DUO MOMENTUM.

▶︎ CD project "The Untempered Guitar" and "Studies of Extended Playing Techniques for Guitar"
The project includes the recording of all 12 pieces of the Untempered Guitar and the 10 Studies of Extended Playing Techniques for Guitar. Some of the pieces will be released with video documentation showing in detail playing techniques that are difficult or impossible to convey through the notation. This touches on the great problematic of an adequate notation of today's music with the traditional notation that is simply not sufficient for many elements.
TURBULENZEN is continuing! At the end of 2019, the second edition of the festival will be devoted to intercultural music theater. In addition to productions from Japan and Korea, new productions with international composers and singers in collaboration with the AsianArt Ensemble will be on show.

New concert series INSIDE
The new kind of house concert In the Artist Homes.
Experience music differently. Listen to music in direct contact with the musicians. Gain deeper understanding in conversations.
By breaking up the traditional border between musicians / stage and audience, the stiff tension should first be released and a more personal atmosphere created. No more ritual appearance / departure - instead the music begins and ends immediately from the gathering of musicians and listeners. Between the pieces conversations about what has been heard and what will be heard could arise, unusual instruments, techniques of playing and composition could be explained and a conversation about music in general could be also possible: An open space from INSIDE.
Artist Homes

Composition training as a universal musician
In the Germany-wide unique degree program in composition at the Akademie für Tonkunst in Darmstadt, where students can try out, rehearse and hear their emerging work weekly, the composers-to-be learn to compose music in the midst of an almost lifelike musical environment.

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Akademie fuer Tonkunst