In search for music
that captivates you and makes distracting thoughts impossible -
touches and raises you like in a maelstrom - leads us into a new world
and let feel our world changed after the sound dies away


▶︎ In progress: Videoproduction "Studies for Extended Technique for Guitar", "Guitar Sanjo", "Curved Melodies"
Recording of the works for guitar with video tutorials about the playing techniques

▶︎Just finished: Violin Sanjo
for violin and janggu
Commissioned by So-Hyun Park Altino
Duration: 20 minutes approx. in 5 Grooves
Premiere planned in 2023

▶︎ "Binary Grooves" (new work) for Marimba solo for Kuniko Kato
Premiere postponed due to 2023
▶︎ Mujangdan - Eternal Moments for Four Players and Dance
Commissioned by WhatWhyArt in Seoul

YOO Hong - Daegeum
KANG Jieun - Haegeum
LEE Hwayeoung - Gayageum
KIM Woong-Sik - Percussion
HWANG Han-Hoe - Dance
Premiere February 5/6, 2022 in Seoul, Sejong Munhwa Center

▶︎ Professorship for composition at the Akademie für Tonkunst in Darmstadt

Composition training as a universal musician
In the Germany-wide unique degree program in composition at the Akademie für Tonkunst in Darmstadt, where students can try out, rehearse and hear their emerging work weekly, the composers-to-be learn to compose music in the midst of an almost lifelike musical environment.
More infos:
Akademie fuer Tonkunst