In search for music
that captivates you and makes distracting thoughts impossible -
touches and raises you like in a maelstrom - leads us into a new world
and let feel our world changed after the sound dies away


▶︎ Just finished: Adaptation of the work "IRGEND" for daegeum and string quartet for YOO Hong.
Premiere: October 28, Seoul, Sejong Cultural Center

▶︎ Just finished: Adaptation of the prologue from KASSANDRA for four gayageums into an independent work.
Premiere: November 28, Seoul KOUS

CYCLE - Concerto for Sheng and Chinese Orchestra

Link to the video of the premiere

Commissioned by Wu Wei and the Kaoshiung Chinese Orchestra
First performance on June 11, 2023 Weiwuying Concert Hall in Kaoshiung, Taiwan

▶︎ Just finished: Melodies of Transit for Koto

Part of the video project "PSS (Planetary Space Station)" by Sojung Jun

▶︎ Violin Sanjo
for violin and janggu
Commissioned by So-Hyun Park Altino
Duration: 20 minutes approx. in 5 Grooves
Premiere planned in 2024

▶︎ "Binary Grooves" for Marimba solo for Kuniko Kato
Premiere postponed due to 2024

▶︎ Review of "Etudes of New Techniques for Guitar":
"This collection of etudes is an absolute milestone in guitar literature. What Sor developed for the 19th century and Villa-Lobos for the 20th century, Il-Ryun Chung could achieve for the 21st century. This is also made clear by the following sentence of the author: "All pieces have in common that they are not only etudes for dexterity in the new playing techniques, but are also meant to be simply pieces of music."...
Lorenz Schmidt, Auftakt 3-2020